Google Authorship and Why You Need to Signup for it

Google Authorship and Why You Need to Signup for it

“If you’re going to kick authority in the teeth, you might as well use two feet.” ― Keith Richards

Google authorship is Google’s way of connecting your Google Plus account with your content. This then tracks content you post on your site and also content you post on other sites as a ‘Comment’ or ‘Guest Blogger’ perhaps. The process is relatively simple but can take months to start appearing in searches. There’s been some fantastic increases in traffic once you start appearing.

From the screenshot below you’ll see that your content not only stands out, but it also allows Google to connect ownership and authority to the content. Which one would you click on?

Google Authorship

Google’s reliance on this ‘Author Authority’ is yet to be decided. They have claimed that they are looking for smarter ways in which to deliver quality content to the searcher whilst bypassing link spam.

Remember though you’ve got to write great content. Post all your articles on your social media channels as this increases authority with Google. And be patient, it can take time to show up. I’ve also seen that increasing the amount of Circles your belong to in Google Plus can also help.

Here’s where you can sign up and authorise your content with Google.

What’s your experiences with Google Authorship? Did it increase traffic to your website?

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By Steven Burles

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